Monday, April 04, 2011

Celebrunner: Nubhan @ Wishing Upon A Star: Nubhan's 25th Birthday Celebration

Heheh! We finally got Nubhan to "run" for us! We tried to ask for the running pose at his Langkah Nubhan album launch but he was busy, so we got his mentor, Ning Baizura instead. See Ning Baizura's running pose HERE.

Where is Nubhan running to?

To his own birthday party! :D

Nubhan Official Fan Club or NUBIES, had organised a celebration for Nubhan's 25th Birthday at Scrumptious Restaurant, KL yesterday afternoon.

FYI, Nubhan's actual birth date is 2 April 1986.

There were fun activities lined up for about 50 Nubies who turned up for the bash. The hall in the Scrumptious Restaurant was also transformed from the usual red and white decor to blue and silver, the theme of Nubhan's Wishing Upon A Star 25th Bithday celebration.

There were few fans who took the mic to perform. This little boy is one of them.

...with a very young fan. Heheh!

It's not a Nubhan party until Nubhan sings......

Nubhan covered two acoustic songs - Just The Way You Are (Bruno Mars) and I Live My Life For You (Lifehouse). Later he sang one of his hits, back by minus one track.

Group pic - click to enlarge.

Nubhan is known as an Ikon Remaja (Teen idol) for his wholesome image that every parents would approve and not forgetting his fantastic vocal chops!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY NUBHAN! Semoga Panjang Umur & Murah Rezeki!

We got some video snippets from the party yesterday.


Acknowledgments: Thanks to Nubies, Nubhan Official Fan Club especially to Harney for inviting us to silver and blue party. :D

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Harney said...

Ur welcome! Thanks to you too Max sebab dtg juga even penat balik dari larian org asli... eheheh...;)