Sunday, April 10, 2011

Photo: Mizz Nina, Colby O'Donis & DJ Fuzz @ Twin Towers Alive

We have got tonnes of photos from the Twin Towers Alive 2-day FREE concert! We have got Yuna, Bunkface, The Azender, The Wonder Girls, Hoobastank, Joe Flizzow etc.

But we are going to post Mizz Nina photos first because we are a HUGE fan of the Malaysian Queen of Hip Hop. Heheh! So, The Wonder Girls can wait! :P

Born To Be Free? Is that the new album title? ;)

We can't wait for the new material from Mizz Nina. We heard her new album will drop probably this year. (Insert crossed fingers here).

Is that a pair of Levi's she's wearing?

Don't forget the DJ! DJ Fuzz putting on a spinning frenzy at the deck for Mizz Nina! :D

As usual, Mizz Nina never fail to impress with her amazing choreographed dance steps. Her dance crew rock too!

She will open for Bruno Mars concert tonight. Too bad I don't have tickets as they were sold out. Boo hoo!

Mizz Nina ended her segment yesterday with the awesome super catchy combo with Colby O'Donis - What you Waiting For.

Colby O'Donis is no stranger to Malaysia. He has been to Malaysia like a hundred times. LOL! Kidding!

Apart from showing off his nifty footwork with his upbeat number, Colby did slow it down to his fans with his acoustic guitar to belt out hits like Beautiful and Tears in Heaven. Pretty enjoyable!

I'm sure it would be nice to get Colby O'Donis to give us a running pose but we don't have the opportunity to get close to him at all. Maybe next time. I'm sure by now Colby should call Malaysia his second home already. :D

Thank you to Twin Towers Alive for such awesome concert!

See Mizz Nina Celebrunner pose HERE.

See DJ Fuzz Celebrunner pose HERE.

P/S. Mizz Nina will open for Justin Bieber on 21 April too. Baby baby baby Oh.....LOL!


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