Monday, November 22, 2010

Celebrunner: Iyaz @ Shout! Awards 2010

We are proud to bring to you, our first international artiste to be featured as Celebrunner...IYAZ! (Insert applause here)

Thanks Iyaz!

Iyaz (pronounced "eye" "yaz") was in town to present The Break Out Award at the Shout Awards and to sing us a couple of his hits namely Replay and Solo.

Some facts from the Island Boy himself:

1) He can eat spicy food but he don't.

2) He loves Green Day.

3) His mom used to blast gospel music from one side of the house and dad blast Bob Marley on the other. Iyaz was caught in between God singing and Bob Marley! LOL!

4) He prefers Christine Milian to Beyonce in term of hawtness!

5) He is into fast cars and superbikes.

Gracing the purple carpet with Mizz Nina.

Nice dress Mizz Nina. ;)


Getting interviewed by the 8TV Quickie Team.

Presenting the Break Out Award.

...and the award goes to...Yuna!

Rocking the stage with Solo and Replay!

with Malaysia's most sought after actress, Lisa Surihani at the post party. Lucky boy!

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