Monday, November 22, 2010

Walk Wit Nestlé - World Walking Day 2010

Only last week, the field at Taman Tasik Titiwangsa was "invaded" by a sea of blue wearing runners (for the TERRY FOX RUN), it was again swarmed by thousands of walkers from all walks of life (ahem...pun intended) wearing, green yesterday for the WORLD WALKING DAY!

The World Walking Day took place at 6 different locations at the same time and same day. I can only cover the one in Taman Tasik Titiwangsa because I can't split myself into six...(even though it would be nice to see all the six walks in one blog) LOL!

The other five locations for the event are Taman Sri Stulang JB, Polo Ground, Jalan Sepoy Line in Penang, Padang MPK1 in Kuantan, Penampang Sports Complex Stadium in Sabah and the Kuching Waterfront in Sarawak.

What? World Walking Day 2010

Where? Taman Tasik Titiwangsa, Kuala Lumpur

When? 21 November 2010, 6:30-11:30am

Who? Organised by Nestlé Malaysia

How far? 2km (equivalent to about 3,000 steps) plus 100 meter of creative walk (Moonwalk, chicken walk, duck walk, Egyptian walk etc .

The walk was flagged off around 7:45am after a vigourous warm up session!

The VIPs are raring to go...Heheh! Actually I had to ask them to pose like that otherwise they will be just standing there looking VIP-ish :)

3...2...1... Off we go!

According to Peter R. Vogt, managing director of Nestle (M) Bhd, the World Walking Day organised to promote walking as a fun and great activity for good health.

We also heard that there will be more activities lined up by Nestle Malaysia to promote walking as a daily routine. We love the fact that the World Walking Day is not a one off event but in fact, a beginning of a continuous effort to promote walking to Malaysians.

Wow! Walking in four! That looks like fun. But I think it is not easy as it seems. :)

I was told they are the radio DJ and announcers from various radio stations joining effort to not just talk the talk, but also walk the walk. Heheh!

The distance for the walk for everyone is 2km or 3,000 steps, which is about 30% of the 10,000 steps recommended for a day.

Is that Serena C sticking her tongue at me?

Yes..That's her alright. Heheh!

The World Walking Day is an opportunity for everyone to get together with family and friends to activate their bodies, invigorate their minds and enjoy all other wonders of walking.

There was a free concert too by local performers but we didn't stay on because he had to "walk" to another walk event in the city - The Batik Fun Walk, happening on the same day. Watch out for the blog post coming to you real soon!

Free breakfast awaits all the participants of World Walking Day! Yummy Nestle products such as Milo, Nescafe, Maggi Tasty Lite, Nesvita, Omega Plus and cereals for everyone!

A truck load of goodies bag! Thanks to Nestle!

World Walking Day will be back next year on the third Sunday in November. We are sure it will be bigger, better and of course healthier!

For more updates, please visit Nestle Malaysia's Wellness Centre HERE.

For those hardcore walkers (ahem like me...), do check out the First Malacca 12 Hour Walk on Dec 11. It's still not too late to register. Click HERE for more info.

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