Saturday, November 27, 2010

Celebrunner: Linda Onn @ L.O.'s Surprise Birthday Party at Scrumptious, KL

We were at Linda Onn's Surprise Birthday Party this evening. Thanks to Linda Onn's Orange Klub (L.O.O.K) for the invitation.

It was arranged by L.O.O.K. without Linda Onn's knowledge. She was led to the restaurant by two bikers for a "meeting".

But little did Linda Onn know, we were behind the door waiting to ambush her with string spray and a huge birthday cake!

How old is Linda? We are not telling (but can count the candles on the cake. Heheh!)

Cake cutting! a samurai. Heheh!

Linda Oon is one of the more popular radio DJs in Malaysia. Currently with Suria FM. She also own a chain of restaurants in the Klang Valley.

Happy Birthday Linda Onn. Moga panjang umur & murah rezeki!

She's not really into running but she loves big motorbikes!

Budak Rempit and Minah Rempit...LOL!

With all the fans....L.O.O.K!

A special token for the fans from L.O.O.K!

Check out the surprised look on Linda Onn's face on video!


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