Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Celebrunner: Mila, Maulana, Daus and Stacy @ Batik Fun Walk 2010

Wow! A bumper Celebrunner post! We have 4 Astro celebrities giving us their best running/ walking poses at the Batik Fun Walk!

The above is the ever sweet Mila (AF5)

Maulana (AF8) with his guitar...

Maulana and Daus (AF8)

The bubbly super hyper Daus.

Stacy (AF6)...She couldn't do a proper pose because she was mobbed by fan but nice try anyway.

The participants of the Batik Fun Walk were in for a treat! They were entertained by not only one but four celebrities from the Akademi Fantasia alumni, starting with Mila.

We love that dress. Sweet yet sexy. :)

The audience was mesmerized by Mila.

Maulana came up next serenading the crowd with covers from Michael Buble and Jason Mraz.

He plays the guitar well too.

Daus...The most animated and fun to watch.

See what I mean by hyper?

Stacy came late and we had to wait for her. Not a morning person, eh?

All the guys want to be her back up dancers...LOL!

Is it getting very chilly there? Maybe Daus is cheekily telling Stacy not to show too much skin.

Stacy belted two of her hits - Cinta Pakai Buang & Jahat.

Applause to Penyayang for organising The Batik Fun Walk. It is one of the most fun walking events in Malaysia!

Check out fashion designer Amir Luqman's batik mini skirt HERE.

Coming soon - the winner of the best dressed Batik Fun Walk participant and more!

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