Monday, November 15, 2010

Celebrunner: Sheila Majid @ Jerneh Spot Care Launch at Santai Suri

OMG! I am still starstuck from the whole experience. Sheila Majid posing for me? Heheh!

"Running from who?" she asked when I requested her for a running pose. I sheepishly smiled and told her it's for my blog. Heheh!

Thanks for the pose Sheila. You're the best!

We met Sheila Majid at an exclusive launch of the Spot Care range of JERNEH skincare products by Sheila Majid at Santai Suri, Bangi last Sunday.

Sheila Majid is in the house!

Sheila Majid, a wellknown singer in Malaysia has launched hew own skin care in her quest to find the perfect skincare range to suit her hectic lifestyle.

There are a few ranges to choose from depending on your need - Clarifying, Anti Aging and the latest, Spot Care range. If you want to look as gorgeous as Sheila Majid at her age, try the Anti Aging range. Heheh!

How old is Sheila Majid now? Go google. :)

The lastest Spot Care Series contains a high percentage of natural active ingredients for fast yet gentle healing of spots.

JERNEH incorporates six important elements - Safe & simple, Halal, Effective, Innovative, Luxurious and Affordable. If you put the first letter from all the words together, you'd get S.H.E.I.L.A. :)

It was an amazing experince to be up close and personal with Sheila Majid. She was so eager to answer our questions and listen to the feedbacks on the products.

Makan time....

...with the bosses of Santai Suri.

JERNEH goodies bag. :)

Check out what is her answer when we asked why she picked the name JERNEH for her skin care products and the philosophy behind it....


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dannie chOOng said...

me so jealous !!! coz i >heart< sheila so much. she look so cute doing the running pose...

Anonymous said...

Good for you! MEOW!


Lyena said...

Thanks for the coverage and attending our event. Gracias!!
-Jerneh by Sheila Majid, Project Co-ordinator-

Lyena said...

Thanks for the coverage & attending our event. Gracias!!

-Jerneh by Sheila Majid team-