Saturday, November 06, 2010

Celebrunner: Atilia @ ESG Jazz Festival 2010

Oh look who is our featured Celebrunner today! It's Atilia, Malaysia's jazz princess. I caught up with her at the Empire Shopping Gallery (ESG) Jazz Festival a couple of weeks ago.

Thank you Atilia for the amazing running poses! LOL!

October is the month where beer, food and music converge, in the best tradition of the Oktoberfest. While the oom-pa-pa resounds in other places, Empire Shopping Gallery, being the latest and best loved mall in Subang Jaya, has assembled some of the biggest names in jazz in the country to play for its very first Jazz Festival 2010, including Francissca Peter (the night before) and Atilia.

Atilia gave a stunning performance that night, performing songs from her two album, Sangkar and Indah.

I particularly like her version of Mary J Blige, All Night Long! Sweet yet smooth like Atilia's voice. LOL!

Atilia was backed by the amzing band, the Phunk Mob.

Before debuting with her album, Atilia was already famous singing jingles.

That night Atilia also belted out a song called Harus Bagaimana, which is her collaboration with Indonesia band, Maliq & D'Essential.

FYI, Atilia has a famous mother too, veteran singer Salamiah Hassan. So, that's how she got her great singing genes from...

The show was set at the outdoor area of the Lower Ground Floor. For three nights, visitors had the chance to enjoy smooth, classy jazz, while indulging in finger food and drinks available on sale by ESG restaurants such as La Bodega, Whisk, Juice Works, Italiannies, Serai@Empire, Belanga and the Empire Hotel.

The best thing was we did not need to buy any tickets to watch the performances! (Thank you ESG!). The show are FREE for all.

It was truly an enjoyable night. I hope ESG Jazz Festival will be back again next year with a bigger and better line-up, of course we would love to see Atilia performing again. :)

Check out Empire Shopping Gallery HERE.

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