Friday, November 12, 2010

Celebrunner: Shaheizy Sam @ Ngangkung Movie Preview

Meet Shaheizy Sam, one of the brilliant local actors around. He knows how to make a difference and his emotional range is simply amazing. Not just a pretty face in the big screen.

Last Monday, I get to watch his latest work, Ngangkung - a horror comedy co-starring Azad Jazmin, Angah Raja Lawak, Eira Syazira, Putri Mardiana, Farisya Fatin and many more during a preview screening at Cathay e-Curve.

Thank you Sam for the running pose!

If you go into the hall expecting another "Adnan Sempit" in Ngangkung, you will be disappointed because he has completely changed the way he speaks and acts. Well, that what great actors do. But times he reminds me of the cartoonist Imuda in this movie...I don't know why. :)

In Ngangkung, he plays a lorry driver dragged into the world of spirit worshipping because of poverty. For those uninitiated, Ngangkung is an act of worshipping spirit/ ghost to ask for winning lottery numbers. Scary but this act has been practised by the hardcore betting pundits to get rich.

It was a decent laugh-out-loud horror comedy movie. Poking fun at those nombor ekor addicts while carrying some "subtle" social message about gambling and worshipping something else than God, a big no no in the Muslim way of life.

I enjoyed the movie. It was made to entertain and it delivers. I can't wait to watch Kongsi, a new movie by Shaheizy Sam where he plays a Thai hitman in that action comedy thriller. The Kongsi trailer screened before the movie Ngangkung was a hoot!

Ngangkung with big boss, David Teo. :)

Casts and director of Ngangkung.

This was taken at FFM-23 Official Launch at e-Curve not too long ago when Shaheizy Sam won the best supporting actor trophy for Evolusi KL Drift 2.

Peace y'all!

I think I caught him by surprised when I asked for a photo here. He was still having some garlic bread on hand and mouth. Heheh! Sorry, Sam.

...with Lisa Surihani at FFM Award Night.

Cute couple, eh?

A dream cast! All award-winning actors. Shaheizy Sam, Lisa Surihani, Daphne Iking & Bront Palarae.

Check out the trailer for Ngangkung below.

Ngangkung will be screened starting Nov 25, 2010 in cinemas nationwide.

Check out Shaheizy Sam's profile HERE.

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