Friday, January 28, 2011

Celebrunner: Aznil Nawawi @ Hero Malaya In Action at Carrefour Wangsa Maju

Meet our Hero Malaya, Aznil Nawawi. We had to brave the human traffic mob before we could get close enough to Aznil to ask him to pose for us. LOL!

Thank you Aznil for the cheerful running pose! Check out the crate of Mandarin Oranges in his hand! (Insert gongs and cymbals for Chinese New Year here!) :)

Aznil Nawawi is the leader for a bunch of male artists who decided to come together to give back to the community by forming Hero Malaya.

The group was formed virtually in Twitterville mid December last year.

The artists involved are Fazley Yaakob, Shaheizy Sam, NasT, Aliff Satar, Imran ajmain, Zahid AF2, Altimet, Zoey Rahman, Iqram Dinzly, Syafie Naswip, Maulana AF8, Farish Aziz, Riz Ainuddin, Kamal Adli, Adi Fashla, Cat Farish, Zizan raja Lawak, Zaharil Adzim. Erry Putra and Fizo Omar. However not all were present at their first charity program at Carrefour Wangsa Maju at 3pm just now.

The heroes went around Carrefour selling foodstuff like bread and mandarin oranges. For their efforts, Hero Malaya will be receiving RM60,000 from Carrefour as part of the hypermarket's global policy to promote social and economic development in countries where Carrefour operates..

Yummy cakes from your yummy artists? :)

Hot buns! Hot buns!

Come support Hero Malaya!

It is also a good chance to meet your favourite artist too...:)

Aznil Nawawi saying hello to a wheelchair-bound fan.

Zoey Rahman peddling Kek Lapis Sarawak.

Before we sell it, we must taste it first! LOL!


Adi Fashla trying to get an auntie to buy the oranges by handfeeding her. :)

Keep it up guys! We hope to see more artists stepping out to do their parts for the community.

You can follow the development of HERO MALAYA on TWITTER - HERE.

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