Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Louis Koo (古天樂) @ All's Well, End's Well 2011 (最強喜事) Malaysia Promo Tour

Look! Who were in town on 21 Jan to promote the movie - All's Well, Ends Well 2011? HK heartthrob, Louis Koo and movie producer, Raymond Wong.

This upcoming 2011 Hong Kong romantic comedy is directed by Chan Hing Kai and also stars Donnie Yen, Carina Lau, Chapman To and Cecilia Cheung.

In this movie, Koo plays an effeminate make-up expert who heads a cosmetics company while Wong portrays a middle-aged tycoon who starts a business for his girlfriend. According to Koo, it is his first time to potray a gay character in a movie.

The film is the sixth instalment in the All’s Well Ends Well franchise, which started in 1992, and has since become the must watch movie for traditional Lunar New Year entertainment. This time, it is brought to you by RAM Entertainment and Lotus Five Star.

Say cheese!

This movie also marks the venture of Donnie Yuen into comedy. Donnie Yuen is famed for his martial art flicks. In AWEW 2011, he will not be bashing up a dozen of men but instead he will be putting make-up on a dozen or so women! LOL!

We love the ang pow packs that come with the press kit. :)

Louis Khoo autographed ang pow sleeve. Heheh!

“All’s Well Ends Well 2011” opens in local cinemas on Feb 3, perfect for Chinese New Year!

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