Saturday, March 05, 2011

Sharing World Vision With Francissca Peter

We went to Sunway Pyramid to catch a glimpse of our favourite songstress, Francissca (Fran) Peter just now. There was a special sharing session by Fran, who is the ambassador for the 6th year World Vision Malaysia and Child Sponsor.

She was there for the “Change a Life, Change Your Own” Campaign to encourage the public to help and sponsor a child in the poor country. Read more about this campaign HERE.

Message from Francissca Peter - "With todays political turmoil the world over and squeezed economies and natural disasters, lets do something special lets sponsor children so we can help families in difficulty."

She belted out three songs for the event, much to the guest and shoppers' delight! Ku Ke Udara Lagi, Tomorrow (World Vision Theme Song) and Sekadar Di Pinggiran.

By only RM50 a month, you could help a child getting proper education and healthcare in his/ her country.

A bunch of Fran's hardcore fans....

It must be our lucky day.

After the event was over, we were invited by Fran and Bibiana (Fran's sister and manager) to have a drink. So, we plonked ourselves comfortably at Wendy's Sunway Pyramid after rearranging the tables and if we were at the mamak stall. All fifteen of us! LOL!

Not long after, everyone was whipping out his/ her boxset, CDs covers and other souvenirs items to be signed.

FYI, Fran just released a limited edition boxset to commemorate her 33 years in the music industry.

The boxset contains 10 cds, 9 of which are Fran's previous albums i.e Komputer Muzik (1984), Aku Hanya Pendatang (1985), Sekadar Di Pinggiran (1986), Kau Bintangku (1987), Harapan (1988), Pasti Kembali (1989),... Now's The Time (1989), Mawar Terpinggir (1992), Setinggi Angkasa (1996) and a new cd single titled "Tiada Gementar Lagi" (2011)

The boxset is now available in major CD stores in Malaysia for RM109.90. You could also order directly from Warner Music using these numbers 03-7721 2688, 03-7761 2602, 03-7721 2629.

We bombarded Fran with questions while she was busy signing the CDs. We got some juicy gossips from the past and her plan to throw herself a big rave party to celebrate her big 5-0 Birthday. Heheh! We can't wait!

I was kinda starstruck still. It was surreal! I remember the time when I was just watching her sing (and win tonnes of awards) on TV screen but just now, she was seated in front of me, sharing a box of fries and chatting like friends!

Thank you Fran and Bibiana Peter for making my dull Saturday afternoon a moment to remember! :)


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frantic6 said...

Thank You it was a wonderful affectionate time with all of you... thank you for letting me run with you :)))