Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Celebrunner: Sasha Bashir @ ntv7 Dansa II - The Journey Continues Launch

Oh My! Doesn't she look gorgeous "running" with that elaborate headdress!

Trained dancer and performer, Sasha Bashir looks absolutely stunning in that red kebaya at the launch of the definitive documentary on traditional dance, Dansa II - The Journey Continues at Fullhouse Lifestyle Store and Cafe at Sunway Giza just now.

Dansa II - The Journey Continues is the second season of the lifestyle documentary that will feature traditonal dances from both local and international locations including Makassar, Macau, Thailand and Taiwan.

Just like the first seasons, viewers get to follow Sasha Bashir on her journey to various location to learn traditonal dances from the local experience teachers who are still actively keeping the art form alive oin their respective community.

After three days of intensive training, she will perform in front of a live audience. Tough, eh?

Q&A session with Mohd Fadli Mazlan (Dansa II Producer), Emilya Abd Rahim (ntv7 Brand Mgmt Group & Brand Communications Manager) and Sasha Bashir.

The documentary proved to be a hit with viewers as it highlights the unique culture and traditions that the dance reflects. The viewers will travel with Sasha, not only in her dance journey but she will show the lifestyle, people, monuments, places of interest, food and also culture.

Every step leading towards the dance ritual featured is documented - the costume fitting, accessories, music, historical significance etc.

Sasha's dance journey is also captured in hundreds of beautiful photographs which will be compiled into a coffee table book - Dansa II. The book will be available in June.

Sasha Bashir is a runner too! She said the she is going for the ntv7 Feel Good Run if time permits! She was last seen running at the Reebook ZigTech Treadmill Challenge. And she is one of the Brand Ambassadors of Reebok. See the pic HERE.

We are trying to get an exclusive interview with her soon to talk about running among other things. Watch this space. :)

The 13 episodes Dansa II - airs Thursday at 7:30pm starting 10 March 2011. Only on your feel good channel - ntv7. :D

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