Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Photo: Maya Karin, Remy Ishak, Jehan Miskin, Faizah Elai and Nadia Nissa @ CUN! Movie Premiere

No Celebrunner this time. We have got Remy Ishak and Maya Karin running poses HERE and HERE already. So, we didn't go chasing after them for a running pose. LOL!

The premiere of CUN! by Tayangan Unggul and Nuansa Sdn. Bhd. was held at GSC Berjaya Times Square at 7pm.

It stars the ever charming, Maya Karin as Luna, a host for a popular gossip TV show. After catching her boyfriend with pants down with another woman, she leaves the city to a small village in Kedah to mend her broken heart. There she meets a hillbilly, Atan.

Meet Atan, the kampung boy played by Remy Ishak to perfection. The metro girl meets the hillbilly guy scenario has provided many laughs and endearing moments. The theme is not new, but the great chemistry between Remy Ishak and Maya Karin made it a great watch.

Osman Ali - the director of CUN! He eloquently captures the funny moments when two worlds collide with some over the top characters like Candy (Luna's Boss), Mak Chah, Eton Gebu and Bedah Tonggek. They are over the top but not to the verge of annoying.

Two-timing creep, Hidayat played by Jehan Miskin tries to win back Luna's affection at all cost. Even proposing in front of a TV crew!

Faezah Elai plays Tom, a loyal tomboyish PA to Luna.

The loudest applause goes to Nadia Nissa who plays Manis, a slightly retarded girl with a pet water buffalo called Kembang.

CUN! is really a funny movie! We are serious! LOL!

Overall, the charm of CUN! lies on its simplicity of the story set in the simple rural life. No convoluted flashbacks and confusing subplots. It will appeal to the mass no doubt.

We love the beautiful kampung sceneries and green paddy field. And we love the cutest water buffalo ever to be featured on the big screen too! LOL!

CUN! will be romancing in the cinemas near you starting 31 March 2011.

Check out the "Cun Selalu" from the OST of CUN! We loike!


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