Friday, December 17, 2010

Celebrunner: Azhar Sulaiman @ 2nd Kuala Lumpur Bike Week 2010

This post is all about RideWitMe instead of RunWitMe....LOL! But we managed to got popular actor, Azhar Sulaiman to do a running pose for us.

We caught up with him at the press conference for 2nd Kuala Lumpur Bike Week 2010 this afternoon at Rum Jungle.

Azhar with his proud bike.

Azhar Sulaiman will be joining hordes of bikers in the coming KL Bike Week at Matic, Jalan Ampang, KL. The bike week is on 24-25 Dec 2010 and organised by Red Garage Sdn Bhd.

Meet TV Personality and actress, Maznah Zolkifli. She brought 3 of her superbikes to Rum Jungle. She can't be riding three at the same here's one. LOL!

Superwoman....and her bike. :)

Azhar Sulaiman and Fizo Omar having some biker to biker talk.

We featured Fizo Omar as Celebrunner HERE before. So, we are not going to ask him to do the running pose again.

Notice his plate number? It's F120...which reads FIZO! I wonder how much he paid for the number. But according to Fizo, his bike cost around RM60,000.

All set for KL Bike Week!


The Bike Week is FREE for all. No matter whether you ride Harley Davidsons, Superbikes or little kapcai, this is the event for you! LOL!

This popular bike lovers event which is expected to draw riders from all over the region, will also include several music events like Battle Of Band Competition and daily concerts.

We got news that Azlan & Typewriter, Strike 5 and Republic of Brickfield have confirmed their gigs there.

The highlight and climax of the event will be a convoy ride from KL to Putrajaya and back on Christmas Day. It is dubbed The Sunset Ride - "Love Ride Not War"

We heard the organiser has sent out invites to other celebrities with fetish for bigbikes like Awie, Fauziah Latiff etc to their celebrities corner. We hope they are going to make it there.

Not sure if Jaclyn Victor will turn up too. We heard that she purchased a superbike recently. :)

For more info about the 2nd KL Bike Week, please click HERE.