Friday, December 31, 2010

Celebrunner: Sazzy Falak @ All Martial Arts Exhibition (AMAE) Fight Night Day 1

Check out the cute photo of Sazzy Falak doing a running pose for us. This was taken right after the finish of AMAE Fight Night Day 1 at Muzium Telekom on 30 Dec.

FYI, Sazzy is pregnant with twins, due to deliver April 2011 - that explains the little bump over there. She looks fabulous, glowing and all.

All the best, Sazzy!

AMAE Fight Night saw the exciting combination of music, fashion and martial arts extravaganza in one event. Sounds exciting?

Presentation of the golden boxing gloves to VIP, Dato' Ahmad Shabery Cheek from Datuk Abdul Azeez Abdul Rahim, Putera 1Malaysia Club president and Carliff Carleel, Managing Director of All Martial Arts Gym & Event Sdn. Bhd.

The show kicked off with a spendid performance by one of my favourite Malaysian vocalists, Atilia. Check out Atilia running pose HERE.

Next, a fashion show by renowned designer Key Ng....

The models paraded around the boxing ring with the fighters....

But somehow we think the clothes on the fighters were their own....and not dressed by Key Ng. :P

Miss Malaysia - World 2009, Thanuja Ananthan.

The all star models lined up were fantastic but somehow they were not introduced via the PA system...

Their presence might have been more impactful, if they were introduced one by one by the emcees, as opposed to just having their name flashed on the LCD screens.

...and what was Key Ng's designs all about? It was not mentioned or perhaps it was flashed on the screen too. I was too busy looking through my camera viewfinder to see. All I could gather was - it got something to do with bicycle. Boo Hoo!

Amber Chia....(Insert happy smile here..Amber always make me happy when I see her)

Poova, second performer of the night. She's got the voice but not the poise, I must say. She walked frantically around the ring while singing her three songs. I almost got dizzy watching her going in circle non-stop like that. LOL!

Could have been better if she stop "orbiting" and stay for a moment at the three sides of the ring to give equal opportunity for the audience to appreciate her fantastic singing. Oh well!

Muzium Telekom is not such a bad venue for a boxing match after all. The balconies of the buildings around the arena provide a splendid view of the match.

And finally the fight! It is a FIGHT NIGHT and let us see some fighting!

There were 4 fights scheduled each night. Winners were declared by knock out system.

It was my first visit to a Muay Thai championship and I must say I kinda excite to watch real men fight. There was no ka-boosh, ka-pow or ka-donk sound effects. Just plain sounds made by skin to skin, flesh to flesh, bone to bone contacts!

Oh...That's gotta hurt!

Body slamming!

And the fights were real, okay? And even drew blood! Ouch!

Luckily I was not splattered by blood even though I was sitting in the first row. LOL! (Insert wincing here!)

Have mercy! :)

AMAE did a good job introducing Muay Thai/ martial arts to newbies like me. I am fascinated but I will not hang up my running shoes for it as my favorite sport. I maybe able to suffer some black toe nails and chaffings, but no bruised face please. LOL!

Applause to the organisers (and sponsors.....) for AMAE 2010!

It's AMAE-zing! :D

Check out Sazzy Falak and husband doing the human pretzel HERE.

Like Sazzy Falak on Facebook HERE.

For AMAE official website, click HERE.


Anonymous said...

i was there. the organizing of the event was awesome. a martial artist myself. honestly i feel most of the fights were fixed. specially the ones between the Palestinian and the malaysian and the last fight (thats a no brainer). I'm

Carliff Carleel said...

Hehehe no le they weren't fixed. Gazawi dislocated his shoulder and LAN has been training hard for this. He even quit his day job. Along and muji's fight was also real but this is an exhibition match not a tournament. Watch out for MMTC COMING SOON! CRC :)

RunWitMe said...

Mr Anon, you heard it from the man himself. Its not fixed. LOL! Carliff we want invites for MMTC whatever that is.