Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Photos: Konsert Gemuruh DT Search - Wings @ Sunway Lagoon

I wasn't a rocker and I am still not. But I listen to all sort of music. It was a nostalgic trip back to the old time during the medley section. In fact, I still remember most the words to Meniti Titian Usang, Taman Rasyidah Utama, Misteri Mimpi Syakila which were used to be on heavy rotation in my cassette walkman during my school days.

Now, the cassettes are long gone but these two rock giants are still rocking and kicking!

The Konsert Gemuruh DT - Search & Wings at Sunway Lagoon is the final leg for the concert in 2010. The crowd was crazy...and too crazy at times.

The vocals from Awie and Amy are amazing; still soar above all.

Awie brandishing the mic stand like a weapon ready to rock Sunway Lagoon.

Apa hal? Cu citer..cu citer... LOL! *Catch phrase from Hantu Kak Limah Balik Rumah.

Nodoby rocks like amy Search!

Can you believe this dude is 52? :)

Awie and Joe, one of the best guitarist in Malaysia.

Awie cooling down.

Cute eh? Just like a baby. LOL!

Best rocking friends.

Awie is very playful. Look at him lifting up Amy effortlessly!

Oops! Is that a new Kamasutra position? LOL!

It was a helluva concert! The last of Konsert Gemuruh DT in the year 2010!

Wings and Search will be touring to Sarawak and Singapore next year. When asked about the most challenging thing in the concert, Awie responded - the money. But thank to DiGi, we get to see these two rock legend in action again! (Insert applause here)

Something to look forward to in 2011, Wings will be rocking at Istana Budaya 29 April while Search will be busy planning for their 30th anniversary in showbiz bash. (Insert excited squeal here)

Set List

Opening Act by Hillary, Syam, Kelly and Azlan Typewriter:

Intan Ku Kesepian

Fantasia Bulan Madu

Intro: Iron Maiden (Idle of March)

Amy & Wings: Balada Pemuzik Jalanan

Wings: Taming Sari

Wings: Romania

Awie & Search: Opera Hidup

Search: Paranoid

Search: Emenuelle

Wings: Jerangkung Dalam Almari

Wings: Orang Kita

Wings: Bujang Senang

Wings: Sejati with string group

Search: Cakap Memang Murah

Search: Pelesit Kota

Search: Mentari Merah Di Ufuk Timur

Search: Pawana with string group

Guitar solo: Kid & Joe

Search & Wings: Gemuruh



Semalam yang Hangat


Taman Rashidah Utama

Meniti Titian Usang

Misteri Mimpi Syakilla

Encore: Rock n Roll Lu Punya Suka

Finale: Pasti

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