Monday, December 20, 2010

Putrajaya Twillight Challenge 2011

Oops! The photo is for decor use only. Heheh! Nothing to do with the run except for the name Twilight! But it would be nice to have Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart to run with you all night long, eh? LOL!

What? Putrajaya Twillight Challenge 2011

When? 29 Jan 2011 (7:30pm) - 30 Jan 2011 (6:00am)

Where? Putrajaya

This event is inspired due to lack of running event in KL in the month of January.

A running event to test your ability to run a half, full and ultra marathon distance. The starting point is at The Palace of Justice and run a loop towards PICC and back towards to the Putrajaya mosque and return to Palace of Justice (11km approximately).

For half marathon challenges - 2 loops (22km)

For full marathon challenges - 4 loops (44km)

...For ultra marathon challenges - 8 loops minimum, 10 loops maximum (88km and 110 km respectively)

And we will also be having a novice challenge of 11km

It's a self timing event for every runner. This is just a fun thing to do amongst fellow runners.

Fee will be minimal. Still have more things to plan for this to happen For the time being, we would like to see how many runners are interested.

For those who are interested, please send the following fler an email

Subject: 2011 Putrajaya Twillight Challenge



Category (22/44/Ultra):

Contact Number:

to mr.irwan.anuar(at) and do LIKE the event on FaceBook for updates HERE.

Here's a little video I created when my friends were training for Sundown Marathon last year. The route and light conditions should be similar. Check it out!

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