Monday, December 13, 2010

Celebrunner: SOFAZR @ Maaf Dari Hati Mohd Atlas Album Launch

Ha! Get a load of this. Not only one, but six Celebrunners this time! :)

They are SOFAZR, a popular local modern rock group that debut in 2004 with the album, "Cintai Aku". They have several hits to their names like "Bukan Di Sini", Dan Bila Esok" and "Janjiku"

We attended their latest (sixth) album launch at Saloma Bistro and Theatre Restaurant this evening.

This ceremony also marks SOFAZR departure from the old record company, Suria Record (SRC) to join the new Global Record, which is also headed by group member, Zimi SOFAZR.

RM 100,000 only. :)

The new album titled, Maaf Dari Hati Mohd Atlas means "a plea of forgiveness from a man for the world". I hope I get that translation right. It's a weird title for an album but quite memorable. :)

The album contains 10 songs, all composed by Mohd Atlas.

Isma (AF7) contributed a duet with SOFAZR.

Oops! I didn't get her name. She is also featured in one of the song in the album. Tried looking in the CD cover but no info. Aduh!

Updated: Her name is Shiha. The song is called "Dan Bila Esok" and not from the album mentioned. Thanks to ~M.i.z.D.i.e.L.a~ for the correction. :)

SOFAZR entertained the guests and fans with a few songs from the album. Pretty catchy stuff. Radio friendly songs about love, heartbreak, and more love.

Tomok was also present at the album launch. We featured Tomok as Celebrunner HERE. The emcee of the event was funnyman, A.R. Badul.

FYI, SOFAZR is actually a combination of the band members' initials - Shah (lead guitar), One (drum), Fairuz (Bass), Aremeer (vocals), Zimi (second guitar) and Rodie (keyboard).

Congrats to SOFAZR with their new album and new record company!

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~M.i.z.D.i.e.L.a~ said...

Hye. Nice article about them! :)
Act, sy adalah salah seorang fans sofazr yg turut hadir utk majlis tersebut. Just nak inform, penyanyi wanita yg turut buat persembahan bersama SOFAZR semasa pelancaran album tersebut adalah Shiha (Shiha pernah muncul untuk program realiti tv di astro, tetapi setakat konsert Prelude sahaja). Lagu yang mereka berduet sekali berjudul "Dan Bila Esok", lagu tersebut tidak termasuk dalam album yang dilancarkan semalam. Terima kasih :)

RunWitMe said...

Thank you ~M.i.z.D.i.e.L.a~. I dah update info yang u bagi.

~M.i.z.D.i.e.L.a~ said...

Your welcome.
Thanx jugak pada penulis, sebab buat artikel tentang mereka. Keep update about them ok :)