Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Photos: Siti Di Alam Fantasi @ Istana Budaya

Yesteday night I had a chance to "run" into the fantasy world with Siti at Istana Budaya. :)

Siti Di Alam Fantasi is an amazing all local musical production, I must say. Even though it was a just rehearsal (not even a full costume rehearsal), I was enthralled by the set, choreography and kaleidocopic characters that graced the stage!

We followed a rich but arrogant little girl named Siti (Liyana Jasmay) who was sucked into a fantasy world with her servant in search of her family missing "geliga" or precious gem.

She met a myraid of weird characters like a talking tree (Johan), Raja Lipas (Fizo Omar), Raja Katak, sesumpah, mermaids, fireflies, caterpillars in her journey.

The campy caterpillar had us in stitches.

Recognise this face?

Eight thumbs up for Vanidah Imran for an amazing potrayal of the Spider Queen (Ratu Labah-labah)

The horny frog king who kidnapped Siti and wanted to marry her.

Mermaids getting sexy.

Siti....all ears. LOL! She was turning into a donkey for her arrogance.

Siti learned about self-sacrifice, friendship and humbleness. At the end of her journey she also got herself a prince (Fizo Omar) with a funky headgear. LOL!

It is a fairy tale after all. :)

I enjoyed the show very much, I really do. I fact I will go watch it again! The cast is stellar! Bravo! Go watch it and be amazed!

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