Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Celebrunner: Shontelle @ Guess? Meet The Fans Session, Pavilion Kuala Lumpur

Wow! Wow! Wow! We are very glad to present to you the second international artiste to be featured as our Celebrunner. The first one was IYAZ last month when he was in town for the Shout! Awards. (Read about it HERE).

This time, the gorgeous songbird from Barbados (Yes..same island where Rihanna came from) did a stunning running pose for our camera! We caught her at the Guess? Boutique, Pavilion KL yesterday.

Check out those killer heels! Check out them impossible long legs too! :)

Thank you Shontelle! Love ya!

Where's Shontelle running to?

The Ultimate Guess? Party, I guess. Pardon the pun. She was in town for a private function by Guess? We didn't get invite though, so we have to make do with meet the fans session.

The meet the fan session was supposed to start at 3pm but due to rain (we were told) Shontelle only strut in around 4pm. But it was worth the wait! :)

Shontelle burst into the music scene with her debut album Shontelligence, with the hit single with T-Shirt. Sharing the same birth place as Rihanna, this Island Girl is making similar waves into the music charts all over the world.

Her sophomore album, No Gravity has been getting lots of attention with the hit single, Impossible.

The autograph signing session was done beautifully. Everyone was very civilised. No pushing and shoving. No overzealuous bodyguards. No pushy PRs from record company trying to rush everyone through the line.

We were free to approach Shontelle for photographs which she gladly obliged with a genuine smile! (Unlike the autograph signing session by our very own Zee Avi a few month ago. It was one unpleasant experience. Yucks!)

This makcik is a fan too. She told me she likes "Impossible".

Is that Gaga?

Nope. She's on of the Guess? staff. :)

Shontelle is sweet and warm. Must have been the sunshine she brought from Barbados! LOL! We really hope that she will be back for a proper concert/ showcase. Would love to see her live!

Before she left Pavilion, she managed to take some pics with the Christmas decor on her way out.

Merry Chrismas and Peace Y'all! :)

My loot from the autograph signing session. THANK YOU GUESS?! :)

Video coming up soon. Come back for update!

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